Restaurant kitchens are made up of various stations. There are prep stations, sauté stations, pizza stations, salad stations.

Depending on the size and style of your restaurant, you may have a few stations, or you may have several


We design and build Kitchens according to each clients space and needs

We design kitchen according to your needs. Budget and space are the two biggest factors in determining how many stations are in your restaurant kitchen. Many of these stations can be combined to save space and money.

Whats Included

Those are some of the queries we practically answer when you give us a space to convert into a splendid restaurant.

We consider space, doors, service areas, staff area, rest rooms, distance of counters from the sitting lounge and much more.

Restaurant Layout

We create the ambience and a “feel at home” touch with consideration of comfort

Your restaurant seating layout sets the scene for your guests' dining experience and separates you from competitors. However, it's not all about aesthetics. Does it follow all regulations? What is your seating capacity? Can your furniture handle constant use?


Designed for

Accessibility.  Also taken into consideration is the security of the counter and proper lighting to give the feeling of ambience and life. The users of the counter will also have a feel of comfortability and relaxation.

Great lighting potrays creativity and usability of the counter in all.


Seamless finish, with good lighting, accessibility, security and comfortable users.

The first item we look for when doing a counter is the location in relation to the sitting arrangement.

Our counters are seamlessly finished with the best centralized location for easy


The final outlook of the whole work is realized after doing the finishing.

This entails the widest scope of the whole team, includes design, paintwork, electrical, security, lighting and technology.


Turning ideas into realities, this is where most of the work is initiated.

When architects and foremen come together to realise their dreams it entails alot of conversions and conversation.

Whatever is put on pen and paper is finally required to be put in practicality.

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• Stainless Steel surfaces

• Prep area

• Hotline area

• Grease traps

Whats Included

• Furniture setup

• General ambience

• Lighting

• Kitchen  

Whats Included

• Exterior finishing

• Lighting

• Accessibility

• Comfort and Security

Whats Included

•Design and Interior

• Painting, Lighting

• Security and Technology

• Arrangement

Whats Included

 • Architectural

• Foremen

• Creativity


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